Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poor timing.

In the last two weeks, I have made my first thanksgiving turkey, run a 5K, read an entire book for book club, done strategic planning for 2010, packed and gotten ready for a trip, co-accepted a major award on behalf of my family, oh....and bought a company.

If you ask me, this was an ideal time to restart my blog...don't you think??

I already have that awful blogger's guilt of not updating often enough.  That fear that I am losing readers (if I even have any at all).  And that secret hope that people actually miss me.

Well, to add to the fabulous timing of when I decided to re-start this blog, I am now leaving the land of the connected world for eight GLORIOUS days.  We are off to our cruise tomorrow morning and I'm sorry to any readers out there who get offended but I am so fucking excited that I can barely sit down to write this.

And for you very observant readers out there....yes...I said "we."  This is the first trip that my incredibly brave boyfriend will be joining the entire Fiterman clan (little ones included) for a week of relaxation (and I'm sure some hilarious moments)

So goodbye to the land of not being able to touch my steering wheel because it is so ridiculously cold.  Hello to the land of pools, pina coladas, snorkling and family fun.

Please keep Alex in your thoughts :-)



Kristin said...

Hooray! I am so happy you are back. I already feel like I know way more about your life...which I want to know everything about. This is excellent news. It's so weird how different your life is. Even though I know about Alex, it's good to get to know him and your relationship better through the blog pages...
(thanks for the shout out to my blog!)

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Scorpicon said...

Well, for those who care, I survived the trip.

...and I actually had a great time getting to know the Fiterman clan.

Chris & Lizelle said...

Proof - you do have loyal readers. My RSS feeds still dutifully slurp updates from your blog.

小晶 said...

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