Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shortest vacation recap of all time for the last 5 days, I have been on our annual ladies trip to Naples, Florida. Now you would think that I would have all sorts of stories about swimming, roaming the beach, designer shopping, glamorous eating and nights out on the town.

Well, I just uploaded my camera after this “exciting” weekend and had a whopping total of 9 pictures (about 3 of which were just mishaps with the self timer)

So here we go...the shortest weekend recap ever:

Fly to Naples. Lay down at the pool. Go to f*cking AMAZING dinner. Eat ourselves sick. Go to a bizarre club with even more bizarre characters “cuttin’ a rug” to a strange but very good DJ.
Walk (this was quite ambitious). Lay. Float. Lay. Listen to free CD from said DJ. Lay. Go to another dinner where we proceeded to stuff our faces once again.
Walk/jog (EXTREMELY ambitious). Lay. Float. Think we might possibly go see a movie. Decide that is WAY too much work. Instead, go to target to buy a movie and the very gourmet hot dogs and baked beans. Make dinner (whoa people...that almost put us out of commission). Drink beer. Take some GasX. Lose consciousness on the couch while watching the movie.

Lay. Manicure (at a place with a FULL bar). Float. Lay. Drink a couple glasses of wine. Decide that leaving the house is just out of the question. Order Papa John’s. Profess our undying love for each other. Lose consciousness on the couch.

Laundry. Gas up the van. Head to the airport. Wonder why on earth we are leaving this paradise??

So it may not have been action-packed but it was WONDERFUL. And I honestly can’t think of any other ladies I would like to be complete and utter lazy bums with (Abby and Lindsay...start asking for vacation now for next year...we missed you guys!)



Kara said...

Those might be the most attractive pictures ever taken of me. (NOT). But seriously, recapping the trip, it kindof sounds like we did a lot. Let me repeat. We do not. And that is fantastic.

Take me back. now.

Gert said...

Looks like a pretty kick ass time! I'm jealous! :)